Voters’ Education 101:Unfortunately, most Nigerians do not vote in Nigerian elections because they believe that their votes will not count. That’s why we invite you to join the Nigerian Voters Revolution today and work with us to make every vote count!

Voters’ Education 102:Do not wait until voting day to find out your polling booth. Take some time and ask questions and find where you will be voting. Elections are too important to our destiny to be left to chance. Your vote will never count if you can’t find your polling station on elections day. (**because you will not be able to vote).

Voters’ Education 103: Corrupt politicians are impoverishing us and every time we fail to vote, those same corrupt politicians will be returned to power to further impoverish us. It’s a vicious cycle and the only way to break it is to VOTE and insist that your vote COUNTS!

Voters’ Education 104: As long as we continue to stay away from voting, we lose the moral right to blame corrupt politicians for our country’s woes. We need to start punishing them by voting their sorry behinds out of office!

Voters’ Education 105: Corrupt politicians have played so many games with minds and now many people believe that our votes will not count. But such belief is what the politicians are hoping for, so that we can stay away from voting and allow them to continue being in office. Please say NO to their games. Go out and vote and we will all work to make every vote count!

Voters’ Education 106: People are asking what they will get if they join Nigerian Voters Revolution.  My fellow Nigerians by joining the Revolution we all get a better Nigeria for ourselves, and our children and generations to come.  Don’t let anybody fool you into thinking it’s not possible. We can all do it: One election at a time and One vote at a time!  The reward of a better Nigeria is far better than anything the corrupt politicians will give us to steal our votes so that they can continue to destroy our country.

Voters’ Education 107: The bad guys will attempt to buy your votes by offering you cash and other things. Do not be deceived because the cash they offer you are our money that they stole and the things they offer you are stuff they bought with our stolen money. Do not forget that the election is by secret ballot. When you get into the polling booth, it’s just your conscience and God Almighty that know who you vote for!

Voters’ Education 108: Listen up! They call themselves political “godfathers” and “kingmakers”. But it’s time to show them that the VOTERS are the real GODFATHERS and KINGMAKERS. Your vote can make or unmake any politician. That’s why we urge you to join us in making sure every vote counts!

Voters’ Education 109: Fellow Nigerians, we know we are all up against a cabal of corrupt politicians who have plundered and stolen from our country just so they and their families can live the good lives they denied everyone else. We know it will not be easy to stop them, but the alternative of doing nothing is devastating. The most powerful weapon you have is your vote. That’s why you must vote and insist that every vote counts!

Voters’ Education 110: Before elections day, check your cell phone and its camera, and make sure everything works well. These are weapons of mass destruction against rigging.  The world will be watching and waiting for you to expose the election riggers. We will help you bring them to the attention of the international community. We are also working to make sure that the international community blacklists them.

Voters’ Education 111: Fellow Nigerians, we have spoken to a lot of you who feel that all hope is lost and that your votes will never count no matter how hard we try.  You see, this feeling underscores how badly the corrupt politicians have damaged the Nigerian electoral system. They have stolen your votes, election after election, year after year! But you must never lose hope. Remember what just happened in Tunisia. The Tunisians were under worse conditions for many years. But they never gave up hope. Slowly but steadily they were able to take back their country and now every vote was counted in Tunisia! God loves Nigeria and has never given up on us, so why should you?

Voters’ Education 112: Our people say that one whose house is on fire should not be out joyriding. So we must all be very vigilant. Watch the electoral officers. Remember that these people are essentially working for all of us. You must hold them accountable the same way you would hold your maid, mechanic, and other people who work for you. Don’t be intimidated by their antics and show of power. Remember that the real power belongs to you. Watch the electoral officers closely. If they start doing things that don’t seem right, speak up and ask them questions. Let them know that you are watching and are ready to expose them.  Trust us, you will be surprised how much you can achieve simply by speaking up!

Voters’ Education 113: So we have been getting reports about “unavailability” of voters’ cards. Fellow Nigerians, the hiding of voters’ cards is the beginning of rigging! The government released more than enough money to make voters’ cards available to every eligible citizen. So there is no reasonable excuse for our electoral officers to tell us there are no cards. When you go to register and collect your card and they tell you it is unavailable, please do not give up. Insist on collecting your card and tell the officer you are willing to wait. Get the name of the officer and take pictures of what you see on ground there. Send us information and pictures. The agents of rigging are already at work and so should you.  Be ready to expose those holding our country hostage. The success of this revolution requires your patience and perseverance.

Voters’ Education 114: The bad guys are working hard to rig the elections. So we must all work harder at foiling their evil plans. Rather than continuing to be “Vote and Go” voter, everyone should become a “Vote and See” voter. This means that when you cast your vote, you must wait and see what happens to the votes. Wait till the votes are counted before the electoral officer leaves. Take pen and paper to write down the results. So if different results were later announced for your polling station, then the world would know what happened! Also, take a touch light in case they tell you that there is no light to count the votes. Folks this “on the spot counting” happened in some polling stations in Nigeria in 2011 so it’s nothing new or complicated. We must expand it to every polling station in 2015. Why should you be in a hurry to go home when you know our collective destiny is under attack?

Voters’ Education 115: So you wonder why Nigerians in diaspora care about elections in Nigeria? But the answer should be easy. No matter how long we have lived outside Nigeria or how many other countries may have granted us citizenships, we are still first and foremost “Nigerians.” And our children, grandchildren, and future generations will always trace their roots to Nigeria. A corruption-free Nigeria will lead to a Nigeria without terrorism, electricity blackouts, ransom kidnappings, poor education system, unemployment, and all the other ills now troubling our beloved country. That’s a better Nigeria. Folks the key to a corruption-free and better Nigeria lies with your VOTES. You must vote, and vote wisely, in 2015 elections and every election thereafter. Together, we must insist that every vote counts. So we got your back all the way!

Voters’ Education 116: 2015 is finally here! This means that Nigerian elections will take place in a few weeks. So, it’s time for all of us, including you, to get to serious work.  We need volunteers to work with us. Our team will arrive Nigeria later this month to train volunteers and work on ground. We need people to work as State Coordinators, Local Government Coordinators, and Spot Reporters. We also need lawyers in and outside Nigeria to work with our legal team. No experience is necessary because we will train the right persons. So if you are a detribalized Nigerian who is passionate about saving our country, and are interested in fighting corruption and rigging, then contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us something about yourself. And tell your friends to volunteer too! Hey, lawyers, don’t forget we also need you!! Saving Nigeria is a noble task for all of us to get involved in!!! 

Voters’ Education 117: Fellow countrymen and women, we need to hear from you. We love Nigeria and we know you do too.  All of us want to save our beloved country. But you are the ones there on ground in Nigeria and have seen first hand the devastation that our country is going through. Being on ground, you know who the bad guys are, and what they are doing, and the best ways to stop them. That’s why we urgently need to hear from you. You see, we cannot do it alone without your input. So please write your posts here or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view give us your ideas and suggestions. Tell us what you think is causing the voter apathy among our people and how you think we can solve the problem. Also tell us the methods that you have seen the bad guys use to rig elections in the past and how you think we can stop them in their tracks. Remember, the task of saving Nigeria is a noble task that all of us must partake in. We must be able to tell future generations that we worked hard for our sakes and their sakes!

VOTERS’ EDUCATION 118: Our Nigerian youths, we salute you!  You are the pulse of our nation and our future leaders. You are telescope through which we may see the future Nigeria. The Nigerian Voters Revolution is for you.  Eliminating rigging and violence from the elections will guarantee that Nigerian youths get the same leadership opportunities as career politicians. Unfortunately in previous elections, career politicians have manipulated and incited our youths into violence for selfish purposes buy lasix . They use tribal and religious sentiments manipulate you into thinking you are defending tribe and religion. In fact, they are only using you to ensure they remain in political offices and continue stealing money that belongs to all of us. They hire you to commit violence, but their own children are resting at home or in some foreigncountry. It’s time to put an end to their manipulation. Tell them to use their sons and daughters instead of you. Remind them that your lives are as precious as the lives of their children. Trust us, career politicians are inciting you into violence, because they want to guarantee that you never get your chance to lead Nigeria. Join us today to resist violence and rigging in this year’s elections and every election thereafter.

VOTERS’ EDUCATION 119: As elections approach, politicians and their agents are everywhere canvassing for your votes. They will try to confuse and deceive you by focusing on political attacks against other candidates. But here’s what you should do: Firstly, ask them to make a pledge to avoid political attacks on the other candidates. Such attacks are foundations for violence, and we must all avoid violence. Instead, ask them tell you what they had done for Nigeria in the past, and what they will do if you vote for them. Remember that even if they spend a year attacking other candidates, what you really need is to find out their track record and their plans for Nigeria! Secondly, ask them to pledge to avoid violence before, during, and after elections.  Nigerians have seen enough violence. Thirdly, ask them to pledge to avoid rigging and anything that remotely resembles rigging. Above all, caution them that you, and the Nigerian Voters Revolution, are watching their actions and will not tolerate any rigging or violence this time around.

VOTERS’ EDUCATION 120: Folks, we are getting reports of election-related violence in some parts of our dear country. We strongly condemn such violence and those perpetrating or inciting violence.  We implore everyone, especially our youths, to shun violence and keep away from anyone who incites or encourages violence. We all have the ability and international support to change our country without resorting to violence.  So there is absolutely no justification for any type of violence during the elections. Remember that violence will only beget more violence and will provide cover to those who want to rig the elections. The riggers will incite and encourage violence as a distraction so that they can rig elections. That’s their game and you must not fall for it. We must all insist on peaceful free and fair elections. The goal is to ensure that every vote counts. So, every Nigerian must shun violence and must insist that our politicians pledge to shun violence.

Join us today because together we can take our country back!


Step 1: Go to the INEC website to locate your Polling Unit.

Step 2: Go to your Polling Unit to register

Step 3: Have your picture taken and your biometric details captured

Step 4: Obtain your Voter ID Card, which you will use to vote on elections day.



Step 1: Go to your Polling Unit with your voter registration card and join the queue

Step 2:  Present your Voter registration card to the INEC official and ensure that your name is the register

Step 3: Your finger would be marked with ink to show that you have been accredited.


Step 1: Join the queue with the intention of casting your vote

Step 2: When it gets to your turn, ensure your name is ticked in the voter register

Step 3: You would be given a ballot paper listing out the political parties

Step 4: Enter the booth and select your preferred candidate (SECRET VOTING)

Step 5: Place your ballot paper in the ballot box

Fellow Nigerians, the elections will take place in a few days. At this point, you must begin to empower yourself by learning the relevant INEC rules about voting. For instance, INEC rules state that in order to cast your vote, you must be personally present at the polling unit where you are registered (no proxy voting), and you must show your permanent voter’s card. Only candidates (or their polling agents), election officials, security personnel, and accredited observers shall be allowed in the polling units. Accreditation of voters shall start at 8:00a.m. and shall end at 1:00p.m. But as long as a voter is already on the queue by 1:00p.m., he/she must be accredited. The accreditation involves verification of voters using the Card Reader; Checking of the Register of voters; and inking of the cuticle of voters’ finger. At 8:00a.m., the Presiding Officer for the polling unit shall declare the unit open and shall allow voters into the unit for accreditation. Folks, you need to know the real INEC rules and be ready in case a fraudulent election officer tries to make up his/her own rules. Knowledge is power!


Your vote counts


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