Fellow Nigerians, the following are questions and answers based on feedback we have received from Nigerians so far during the revolution. Please feel free to email us your questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view that we may include them on this page. Thank you.

What will Nigerian Voters Revolution do?

The Revolution will operate in the following ways:

(1)  Mobilize, urge, encourage, persuade, and educate every eligible Nigerian to go out and vote in every election held in Nigeria, beginning with the 2015 elections. It does not matter whom you vote for, as long as you vote your conscience and you were not coerced, forced, manipulated, or deceived into voting for a particular person or party. 

(2)  Educate, urge, persuade, and encourage everyone to be vigilant and ensure that every vote counts. We want everyone to watch out and reject rigging, ballot box snatching, write-in votes, violence, coercion, manipulation, intimidation, etc.  We will also work very hard and take actions to hold those who attempt to rig elections accountable and make sure that they do not benefit in anyway from their actions.

(3)  Take actions, including filing lawsuits and writing petitions to international organizations and foreign nations, to discourage and prevent any type of violence before, during, and after elections in Nigeria 

How can someone get involved in the Nigerian Voters Revolution?

Sign up on this website and also “Like” our Facebook page, “Nigerian Voters Revolution.” Post your ideas, suggestions, information, and contributions on how to encourage and mobilize every Nigerian to vote, and how to discourage and resist violence and rigging so that every vote counts. If you are in Nigeria, we will love for you to post pictures, stories, and reports of what is happening on ground during the campaigns and on the elections day. You can also actively volunteer to work with us as a Coordinator, or Spot Reporter, or office staff by sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Why do we Insist that every vote must count?

If every vote counts, then every Nigerian will feel responsible for the people we elect. So if we elect bad people, we only have ourselves to blame and of course, we can vote them out in the next elections. Also, if every vote counts, then it will be more difficult for anyone to convince people to engage in post-elections violence as a way of protest. 

Are We promoting or endorsing any political party or candidate?

No. We believe that democracy works best if people are let to vote their conscience. The important thing is that everyone votes and every vote counts. If the voters make a mistake and elect a nonperforming or corrupt candidate, they can vote the person out in the next election.

Is the Nigerian Voters Revolution a violent revolution?

Absolutely No. We believe that votes are more powerful and effective that any weapon.  Besides, we believe that violent revolutions are ineffective because they are met with more violent resistance. History shows that most violent revolutions failed to achieve permanent and meaningful, beneficial change. 

who are the heroes of this Revolution?

Although this revolution was started by Nigerians in diaspora, the real heroes are our fellow countrymen and women in Nigeria who have held their heads up despite enduring many years of corruption, violence, poor economy, unemployment, lack of infrastructure and other unimaginable woes. Together we can all change Nigeria by mobilizing everyone to vote and making sure there is no rigging during elections and every vote counts.

how do we protect our votes?

The key to change is the votes and we must insist that every vote counts. Our votes are our weapons against the bad politicians who have held our country hostage for long.  On elections day, we must guard and protect our votes. Our eyes and ears must be open. We must watch the polling booths, the materials, the election officers, the politicians, and everyone connected to the elections.  We must expose anyone attempting to rig the elections. Every Nigerian must be ready to say Enough is Enough! 

Is the devil we know better than the angel we don’t know?

The bad guys will often argue that, “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.”  They use this deceptive proverb to keep us from voting so that they can continue in office even though they are not serving us well. In their crooked minds, as long as we are convinced that the devil we know is better, then we will be afraid of change and they can continue destroying our destinies. Please the next time they tell you that “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”, inform them that such proverb is antidemocratic. Democracy thrives with change!  Our votes are powerless if we are afraid to use them to punish corrupt politicians.  We must make use of our votes because they are the deadliest weapons you have!

Who is a “Sidon look” Nigerian?

In the course of this Revolution we have encountered many “Sidon Look” Nigerians.  They are everywhere! They will be quick to tell you that they are not into politics and will not vote. In fact, they sit at home elections after elections. Yet day after day they complain and whine about poor electricity, corruption, unemployment, insecurity, and many other problems, which they could have easily solved with their votes. The funny thing is that after whining about our nation’s problems, they often conclude by saying, “it’s well”. Folks please find out today if your friends are “Sidon Look” Nigerians. Tell them it’s not well and it’s time for all of us to start fixing it. Ask them to take the first step by joining the Nigerian Voters Revolution today. Challenge your friends to join the revolution today because it is for the benefit of all of us and should, therefore, be done by all of us.

what constitutes Rigging?

Now, this one is important because unless you know it when you see it, you can’t resist it. Simply put, election rigging occurs when a candidate or party or their agents try to gain unfair advantage during elections. Rigging does not mean only ballot box snatching, vote-buying, ballot box stuffing, writing-in votes, and elections day violence and intimidation. Other forms of rigging include, not making voters’ cards or voters’ register or ballot boxes available, not opening up polling station on time, closing the polling station too early, and other tricks designed to make it more difficult for you to cast your vote and have your vote counted. You must watch out for these and speak up against them. Remember that if you don’t resist rigging, Nigeria will never change!

How do you make sure you vote wisely?

In order to ensure that your vote counts and change Nigeria, you must vote wisely. Your decision on whom to vote for should not be based on religious or tribal sentiments.  It should be based on who can best improve Nigeria and move us forward. Your vote is the most powerful asset you have, so why waste it by voting unwisely? A wise vote is based on your conscience and is a product of reasonable and informed decision. Do not make your decision based on lies and propaganda by political thugs and the uninformed. Some people have either been paid to deceive you or have been hopelessly deceived themselves. For example, if they try to influence your vote for a presidential candidate based on religion or tribe, ask them whether we are electing a president for the entire Nigeria or just for a specific tribe or religion? When they start telling you what someone said or didn’t say (or did or didn’t do), be wise and ask tough questions to find the truth yourself. Do your own research and read between the lines to know if you are just being fed propaganda. Our collective destiny depends on our votes; so don’t rely on statements by political thugs and selfish propagandists.

What’s our wish for Nigeria?

Our wish and prayer for you and our beloved country is that Almighty God will usher in a brand new Nigeria.  A Nigeria where there are responsible leaders and corruption is a thing of the past. A Nigeria where the leaders work to provide a better life for its citizens and where there is no violence. We especially pray that all elections in Nigeria will be free of violence and rigging, and that every vote shall count.  Above all, we pray that the Almighty God will keep each one of you alive and healthy, so that you may happily enjoy the new Nigeria.

Have you registered to Vote?

We know that many people are reluctant to register to vote because they do not believe that their votes will count. They are afraid that as usual, the bad guys will rig the elections and steal the votes just like they did in the past. But this time around the Nigerian Voters revolution is in action. We are urging you to register and vote because we are working to make your votes count. We will do this in 3 ways: (1) we will expose to the world each person or politician who attempts to rig elections when you report them to us; (2) we will file a lawsuit against politicians who win elections by rigging and will fight to see the win overturned; and (3) we will send a petition and complaint to international organizations and foreign nations asking them to blacklist politicians who win by rigging and have those politicians put on no-fly lists so that they will be unable to travel outside Nigeria to enjoy their fake victory.  But all our work and efforts will be nothing unless you register to vote. You will never win a lottery unless you first buy lottery tickets. Registering to vote is the same as buying the lottery ticket in the fight against rigging. So don’t be reluctant anymore; go and get your voters’ card today if you haven’t done so!

Is it worth the Risk?

Dear brothers and sisters in Northern Nigeria. We know what’s weighing on your mind. For the past several years, insurgents have turned your states, towns, and villages into a war zone. We know that as the elections approach, you are weighing whether it is worth the risk to go out to vote. But remember that in Afghanistan, the Afghans braced almost daily bombings and trooped out to vote in elections. They did so because they realized that the only way to defeat insurgency is by electing the right leaders. That’s why we urge you to go out and vote. Your votes will ensure that Nigeria gets the right leaders who will wipe out insurgency permanently. The right leaders will fight insurgency indiscriminately with all available resources. But Nigeria will NEVER get the right leaders if you are too afraid to go out and vote. So we beg you to make sure you register to vote and get ready to vote on elections day. We know that the Almighty Allah will provide you full protection on the elections day. We know that Almighty Allah never forsakes His people. You are His people. Together we shall overcome! Insha Allah 

Why Should Every Nigerian Rise Up Against Rigging?

This one should be a no-brainer. Nigeria has a democratic system. Nigerians, through their votes, should determine the leaders. So, each vote must be counted to determine the will of Nigerians. But if we stand by and do nothing while politicians rig elections, we are allowing them to derail our democracy. This means that the best RIGGERS will emerge as our leaders. It means that rather than a president being elected by us (the people), he will be rigged into office by his gang of RIGGERS. It will also mean that rather than being our Commander In Chief, such president will be a “Rigger In Chief.” He and his fellow riggers will steal our money and plunder our resources because after all, we did not elect them. After all, they rigged themselves into offices. But if we insist on peaceful free and fair elections, then whoever wins a political office will try harder to work for us knowing that if he/she fails, we will vote his/her behind out of office in the next elections. That’s why every Nigerian join and commit to the Nigerian Voters Revolution.

Does the Nigerian Voters Revolution support or endorse candidate or party in 2015 elections?

Many people have asked this question. The Nigerian Voters Revolution DOES NOT support or endorse any particular party or candidate. We are not set up for such purposes. In fact, the Revolution is not affiliated with, and does not accept funds or any type of support from, any candidate or party. Our members are free to support and vote for any candidate or party of their choice.  But we are unapologetically focused on mobilizing people to vote, ensuring that elections are peaceful (no violence) and free and fair (no rigging) and that every vote counts.  We believe that these ideals are far more important and beneficial to Nigerian democracy than supporting any candidate or party. We believe that as long as, in every election, every vote counts and whoever emerges winner was elected by votes rather than rigging or violence, Nigeria will surely get better, even if not immediately but in future buy klonopin . Supporting or endorsing one candidate or party over another will be useless if the elections are rigged, because the best rigger will simply emerge the winner.  Moreover, the Nigerian Voters Revolution is not just for 2015 elections. The organization will continue to operate and monitor the politician process and operate in every election after 2015. Every Nigerian should vote their choice without tribal or religious sentiments, and without violence or being paid for votes. So join us today to make the Nigerian electoral process better.

Does the Nigerian Voters Revolution have a Legal Team?

For the coming elections, we have been telling you to shun violence and get ready to vote, because we got your backs. And we know you have been wondering how.  Ok, here’s one way. We have assembled a legal team consisting of fearless and experienced barristers and attorneys from within and outside Nigeria to fight rigging.  All you have to do is send us reports about evidence of rigging based on what you see on ground in Nigeria.  Our legal team will take it from there. We will fight in Nigerian courts to invalidate the victory of those who won by rigging.  We will also petition international organizations and foreign nations to blacklist the riggers and their sponsors and put them on no-fly lists so that they will be unable to travel out of Nigeria to enjoy their ill-gotten victory. We are ready for the bad guys. But are you ready to vote? Get your voting card today and get ready!

What do we expect from our politicians during elections?

As the elections day approaches, the Nigerian Voters Revolution wish to remind all politicians and parties of the need to avoid violence and rigging. Everyone must realize that unless the elections are peaceful and free and fair, our country may be plunged into more problems. We caution both sides to avoid statements that could incite violence or rigging during the elections. Our politicians must be careful about publishing or sponsoring false stories and propaganda, which could incite our youths to engage in violence. All sides must remember that this is not a game to see which side can outtalk the other or can manufacture more false stories. Folks, this is about the lives and destinies of more than 160 million Nigerians and generations to come. We will methodically research and review statements and stories that have potential to incite violence or rigging so that we may discover their sponsors and publishers. If we sustain credible evidence that any individual or organization is sponsoring or publishing such statements and stories, we will not hesitate to take necessary actions against such persons and organizations. The wellbeing and destinies of our people far outweigh the selfish ambitions of politicians. May the best side win!

What is basic problem in Nigeria?

Forget what you may think is the problem with our country. It’s not really that the government has not given us roads, schools, electricity, employment, refineries etc. The real basic problem holding our country back is CORRUPTION!  You see, without corruption, private investors could provide us most of the amenities and services we are yearning for, either independently or in joint venture with the government. Our population of more 160 million people should be every foreign investor’s dream. But with the endemic corruption in our system, it is almost certain that no reputable and honest foreign (or even local) investor would want to invest in Nigeria.  And yes, it is also true that the majority of our politicians and public officials have failed woefully to police themselves and fight corruption. Due to greed and selfishness, they have continued to perpetuate corruption and impoverish our people.  So, that’s why the people (you and us) must take up the challenge and power to police and fight against corruption. And the best weapon we have against corruption is our VOTES. That is why we must insist on changing the electoral process so that every vote counts. If we all say NO to violence, rigging, and manipulation during elections, then every vote will count. And if every vote counts in this 2015 elections and every election thereafter, then we will certainly have the power to vote out corrupt politicians and public officials. Fellow Nigerians, it’s that simple! So let’s do it together.



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