Fellow Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria.  Thank you for taking time to visit the home page of the Nigerian Voters Revolution. We hope that you will make a commitment today to join us in saving our beloved country and moving it forward.

Our dear country is at crossroads. Violence, poor economy, unemployment, corruption, fraud, lack of infrastructure, poor educational system, poor healthcare, and other unimaginable woes have become the order of the day.  As Chinua Achebe said in his book, Things Fall Apart, it appears that the center is no longer holding.

But we thank God that Nigerians have a choice. We may to choose to accept things as they are or choose rise up to change our country for our sakes and for the sakes of future generations of Nigerians. We may choose to keep quiet and do nothing while the politicians whom we employ (by virtue of our votes) doom our destiny and the destinies of future generations or choose to insist that they must work to change our country. We may choose to allow the politicians to continue fooling us, and improvising us, or choose to wise up to their games and work to prosper our country. We must choose to salvage Nigeria or choose to watch our beloved Nigeria, and our destinies sink!

Because we believe that our country must be saved, a group of Nigerians in Diaspora has started this organization, Nigerian Voters’ Revolution.  This is a “call to action” nonprofit organization (Non Governmental Organization) devoted to working to rescue our country. It is not a political party or trade group, and is not affiliated to or financed by, any political party or candidate. The Revolution does not endorse or support any specific political party or candidate, and does not tell people the specific party or candidate to vote for. In fact, even if every Nigerian does not agree on which political party or candidate will be best for our country, we should all agree on one thing: THAT IN EVERY ELECTION, EVERY ELIGIBLE NIGERIAN SHOULD VOTE AND EVERY VOTE MUST COUNT! We believe and agree that as long as people vote their conscience and every vote counts, they will have opportunity in every election to vote out bad or non-performing leaders.  And yes, this is a REVOLUTION! But it is ABSOLUTELY A NONVIOLENT REVOLUTION. Our mission and passion is to peacefully change Nigeria by the power of VOTES.

Specifically, the Revolution will operate in the following ways:

(1) We shall mobilize, urge, encourage, persuade, and educate every eligible Nigerian to go out and vote in every election held in Nigeria, beginning with the 2015 elections. It does not matter whom you vote for, as long as you vote your conscience and you were not coerced, forced, manipulated, or deceived into voting for a particular person or party. 

(2)   We shall educate, urge, persuade, and encourage everyone to be vigilant and ensure that every vote counts. We want everyone to watch out and reject rigging, ballot box snatching, write-in votes, violence, coercion, manipulation, intimidation, etc.  We will also work very hard and take actions to hold those who attempt to rig elections accountable and make sure that they do not benefit in anyway from their actions.

(3) We shall work very hard and take actions to discourage and prevent any type of violence before, during, and after elections in Nigeria buy levitra .

(4)   We shall monitor the activities of those elected into various offices with the view to ensuring that they do indulge in corrupt practices that are detrimental to the interests and well being of Nigerians.

Whether you are a fellow Nigerian or simply a friend of Nigeria, we invite you to join our efforts today. Sign up on this website and also “Like” our Facebook page, “Nigerian Voters Revolution.” Post your ideas, suggestions, information, and contributions on how to encourage and mobilize every Nigerian to vote, and how to discourage and resist violence and rigging so that every vote counts. If you are in Nigeria, we encourage you to post pictures, stories, and reports of what happens on ground during the campaigns and on election days.  The Revolution is for all of us and by all of us. We must expose those bad politicians holding our country hostage, because when they know that we are all watching and exposing them, they will think twice before attempting to steal our votes or act corruptly in office.


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